Course Introduction
Session 1 - Demonstrate the Principles of Primary Emergency Care in the Workplace
Session 2 - Sustain a basic level of preparedness for health emergencies in the workplace
Session 3 - Assess and Manage an Emergency Scene in the Workplace
Session 4 - Demonstrate Primary Emergency Life Support for Adults, Children and Infants According to Current International Protocols
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Session 1: Overview




First aid is immediate temporary care given to an injured or ill person.

People require first aid in the event of accidents, illness, fire/floods and chemical contamination that leads to a loss of working hours and income.

First aid consists of complete treatment of minor conditions, such as applying a plaster to a cut. It also includes initial intervention in a serious condition prior to qualified medical assistance being available, such as performing CPR while waiting for an ambulance. Qualified medical assistance may include paramedics, doctors or ambulance officers.

First aid is generally performed by someone with basic medical training. There are many situations which may require first aid, and South Africa has legislation, regulations, and guidance which specifies a minimum level of first aid provision in certain circumstances. This includes specific training or equipment to be available in the workplace.

The purpose of first aid is to:


This is known as the 3PS:
A guideline that every first aider should follow when administering first aid.