Pinpoint Integrated Management Systems

Pinpoint Integrated Management Systems

PIMS is a series of online Integrated Management and Information Systems created by and managed by Pinpoint. Each of our management systems is available individually, or we can cluster together any group of management system based on your organization’s needs and preferences. 

The PIMS tools were designed to bring about digital transformation and innovation by introducing a centralized portal that gives companies in any sector a holistic overview of managing their operations and the advantage of making more informed decisions.

The centralized platforms gather all data inputs through automation, which translates into Customized Dashboards Views, and Management Reports. It consists of Statistics, Trend Analysis, Incident Reporting, Staff KPI Tracking, and, most importantly, the ability to hold people to task through the built-in automated notification and escalation layers.

Each PIMS system is fully customizable and can get designed, developed, and implemented seamlessly into your existing operations and business processes. The PIMS systems bring together People, Processes, and Technologies through which your organization can get enhanced by making the future-aligned digital transition. 


Project management software

Key Features of PIMS

  1. Cloud-based Infrastructure
  2. Fully Integrated Framework
  3. Customizable User Interface
  4. Business or Project Integration Capabilities
  5. Business Security and Industry Compliance

Power BI Reports

  1. Data pool and SharePoint lists feeds custom designed dashboard
  2. Fully interactive business intelligence reports
  3. Automated trend analysis and management
  4. Reports can be printed or exported
  5. Data management in the palm of your hand.
Project management software
Project management software

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  1. Cloud Infrastructure.
  2. User Interface
  3.  Mobile Access
  4. Integration Capabilities
  5. Security and Compliance
Project management software