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We aim to meet all our client's occupational wellness needs with our qualified team accommodating clients with occupational medicals. 

Medical surveillance is required by law to be carried out in workplaces where workers are exposed to particular hazards. 

The particular hazards that require medical surveillance include noise, asbestos, certain chemicals, certain biological agents, and lead.

It is the responsibility of the employer to ensure that the medical surveillance is carried out and the service of a medical professional is paid for. 

Occupational medicals are also required before being able to partake in legal compliance training, which is also offered by Pinpoint. 

Did you know that before taking part in any work done at a fall risk position, an occupational medical needs to be conducted to deem the employee fit for the job they are legally appointed to? For the safeguarding of an employer and employee, it is also necessary for entry, periodic and exit occupational medicals to be carried out. 

Employee Wellness Medicals

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