Lesson 1: Legislation framework of health and safety representatives and workplace activities.


Purpose, definitions, and terminology.


    -The purpose of the act

    -Definitions of roles

​ Objectives of the OHS act 

 The compliance act


  • What can businesses do to achieve compliance?

  • The legal compliance implementation process.

  • What are the general compliance guidelines? 

  • What are safe and productive work areas? 

  • What are unsafe acts and conditions? 

   4  Statutory requirements


  • What is a health and safety representative?

  • How many health and safety representatives must be designated?

  • When must a health and safety representative be designated? 

  • What are the functions of a SHE representative? 

Lesson 2: The scope of authority in a health and safety environment.

The extent of participation in health and safety structures

Lesson 3: Compliance with safety, health, and environmental structures

Consultative requirements of the health and safety representative.