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Health & Safety Consulting



Implementing cloud-based online health and safety management systems.


Producing safety policies and procedures.

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Auditing business processes.


Advising and training on health and safety practices.


Carrying out risk assessments and much more.

Custom in-house
mobile reporting applications

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01  -  Conformance Observation Report Application

The conformance observation app was designed to capture live 
conformances on a site from your mobile device. This application was derived from paper-based observations captured on  spreadsheets, word documents, etc., and serves as a more technologically advanced mechanism to collate data and store it all into one platform.  

The user has the ability to log positive or negative observations not only highlights the compliance gaps but promotes positive reinforcement behaviors toward Health and Safety. With continuous input of data and raising of conformances both negative and positive, companies have the ability to have a holistic view through the Power BI dashboards. 
The built-in escalation layers allow companies to have an active approach to addressing, tracking, and promoting KPIs and Safety Culture within the organization. 

02  -  Daily VFL Checklist Application

The Daily VFL Checklist application is an automated and interactive checklist used by the Management of a company as a tool to actively engage with on-the-ground employees. 
This tool allows managers to immediately log an observation, address the observation through actively coaching employees and implementing the necessary corrective actions. 
Through the power of automation, all data is captured and transformed into Power BI Dashboards which allows the companies to conduct trend analysis and proactively enforce the necessary safety campaigns to minimize any risks of possible incidents, accidents and/ or injuries.

03  -  Site Audit Application

The Site Audit App was designed to report and record Health and Safety compliance standards both 
within the physical environment and administrative environment. 
This application tool covers all aspects of construction works undertaken on a construction site. 
The scoring functionality by means of a set percentage benchmark enforces compliance within any 
organization. Each question in the application is affiliated with the applicable legislation within the OHSA Act as a point of reference.  All non-conformances will be highlighted and a call-to-action process will be followed for these non-conformances to be addressed via a corrective action report within a set timeframe.  
In instances where the call to action has not taken the necessary actions, the built-in escalations will 
automatically send notifications until the matter is escalated to the highest person in the organizational structure. This ensures accountability and shared responsibility.   

04  -  Site Induction Application

The COVID-19 pandemic has encouraged us to revisit the methods by which we induct employees. 
The law around “1.2-meter social distancing” has affected project commences due to inductions having to be made in smaller groups as opposed to crowds and has become time-consuming especially at the start of a project with an influx of contractors. 
This application was designed to facilitate and speed up the site inductions process. 
The induction application is a fully automated application which mobile and desktop compatibility and allows the employees to be inducted online through inductions videos and assessments in the comfort of their own homes or offices. Employees would need to pass the induction with a benchmarked percentage and on completion will have full access to the site before onsite commencement. 
All inductions data is stored in a cloud and tracked by a site access tracker. 

05  -   Site Access Tracker App

The site access tracker was designed to track and manage man-hours onsite as well as the overall compliance standard of all personnel entering the site. All employees are issued with electronic key cards which holds all their basic information and specifically their job function. 

The electronic key card will contain information such as valid medical, training certifications, inductions, etc. All employees’ information is preloaded onto the card and only if the employee has all their 
documentation in place, he/she will gain access to the site. Should an employee not have the 
necessary documents in place, the employee’s access will automatically be denied and outstanding items would need to be addressed. The access control functionality of this application allows employers to track man-hours on the project but most importantly productivity on site. 

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