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Mobile Applications

Going Green!

The PIMS system is geared towards a more proactive and sustainable SHEQ process. The PIMs system achieves this by eliminating paper-based works on-site while at the same time moving the project into the technology arena.
Through the combination of People, Processes, and Technology, the PIMS system provides real-time information on matters SHEQ-related.


The PIMS SHEQ system includes a range of individual, but fully integrated apps:



1. Conformance Observation Report App
Daily Staff Task Instruction Checklist

3. Site Access Tracker
4. Audits
5. Formal Site Induction Training
6. Incident Management
7. Contractor Management
8. Checklist and Forms

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Conformance Observation Report App

The purpose of this PIMS function is to provide a centralized and 
integrated method for addressing non-conformances, determining the root cause, and implementing corrective and preventative action.


The PIMS conformance app, utilizes mobile or desktop technology, including photos, automatic escalation layers and a fully online integrated approach to track and report any deviation from expectations.


The reports, apps and dashboards are fully customizable, to meet the specific project or task requirement, and should get used to report on leading, lagging, negative and positive SHEQ aspects on site. 


DSTI Checklist Application

The Daily Staff Task Instruction Checklist app is an automated and interactive checklist used by the management of a company. It also requires celebrating and recognizing major safety milestones and incorporating all workers' levels.


Rather than treating health and safety as simply another statistic,

a compliance matter, or a talking point, the DSTI Checklist app integrates trust and genuine care for the well-being of employees, contractors, and communities.


The PIMS DSTI Checklist application translates SHEQ leadership's vision into reality, resolves emerging conflicts, and turns human resources into teams. The application also helps create a productive environment where everyone is motivated to achieve the highest performance.


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1. Monitor staff time and attendance in real-time
2. Improve personnel safety with alerts  
3. IoT-enabled real-time locating system in construction
4. Monitor employee count in sensitive areas
5. Track workers, contractors, and visitors
6. System monitors employee hours spent at the site
7. Prevents unauthorized or unsafe access to the site
8. Enforcement of Fatigue management 
9. Enforcement of Occupational Medical Requirements
10. Enforcement of Occupational based safety training requirements 


Site Access Tracker



One of the best ways to promote system controls is to audit works and processes during design, development, or build.

The PIMS Audit application serves two main functions. Firstly, it helps determines if your project or company complies with applicable safety laws and regulations. Secondly, identify safety processes' weaknesses and outline corrective actions that should be taken to rectify them before accidents or incidents happen.

The audit application in the PIMS SHEQ management system helps ensure that practical program elements are in place for identifying, eliminating, or controlling hazards that could adversely impact a company's physical and human assets. Audit scores are tracked, identifying trends, and measuring SHEQ performance against the standards set.


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Formal Site Induction Training

A site induction is a short yet comprehensive online safety briefing that covers information, training, and instructions to protect all workers, contractors, and site visitors. The induction training can be undertaken in the comfort of your own home before the first site visit or can be undertaken in the online training facility provided on site.  The induction material is also fully customizable and comes with built-in questionnaires and record-keeping functions. 



Incident Management

The PIMS Incident Management application automates reporting and tracking of individual incidents or a group of incidents associated with a business enterprise or project. The application functions to record, categorize, manage, and track incidents. 

While providing a step-by-step process that guides incident management processes from start to finish, the application includes the necessary corrective action steps, ensuring that your investigation conforms to a robust standard and the laws and regulations governing your work. 


The PIMS Incident Management App successfully restores regular service operations as quickly as possible and minimizes the adverse impact of incidents and accidents on business operations.


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Contractor Management

Allowing communication with your contractors, sub-contractors, and their workers in real-time on one central platform regarding their health and safety responsibilities and performance accountability. 

The Contractor Management App guides contractors and employees who manage the works and other internal stakeholders to ensure the safe performance of contracted work. 


The application keeps contractors on task, ensures that the required risk and hazard assessments are completed, and supports the necessary level of supervision during the execution of work. The application also ensures contractor and subcontractor alignment on Hazard Identification & Risk Assessments, Incident Reporting, Emergency Response, Health & Safety Training, Accident/Incident Investigation, Workplace Inspections, Substance Abuse, Personal Protective Equipment, Approvals, Policies, and Procedures. 



Checklist and Forms

Application checklists and forms are an excellent tool for productivity and efficiency in a company or within a project, as they establish the minimum steps necessary to follow. The checklists and forms also help make the steps explicit. 

Application checklists help avoid mistakes by ensuring that the worker or inspector does not forget anything important. The PIMS Checklists and Forms App aims to oversee tasks or projects, ensuring that all crucial steps have been followed and executed.

This way, you don't omit anything that might compromise your results. Additionally, the checklists and forms ensure that explicit steps are followed and completed in an orderly, organized fashion. 

The PIMS Checklists and Forms are fully customizable and keep related information grouped; they support the activities of the onsite users while at the same time offering a clear audit trail. Integrating this application is the first significant step within the transition from paper-based to technology. Our checklists and forms focus on Safety, Health, Environmental, and Quality (SHEQ).  


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