PDP - Professional Drivers Permit




About the Medical

During A PDP Medical, the following checks are completed:

  1. Completion of a Health Questionnaire relating to the patient's occupation, lifestyle, medical and family history.

  2. Physical Examination which includes Musculo-Skeletal Movement, Balance, etc.

  3. Height, Weight, BMI examined.

  4. Blood Pressure and Pulse Check ( This is ti identify an irregular pulse which could indicate underlining conditions.

  5. Urine Analysis to determine Blood, Sugar and Protein.

  6. Vision Test By Means of a Snellen Chart.

  7. Audiometry (Hearing Test)

  8. Spirometry Test (Lung Function).

  9. 5 Panel Drug Test

Medical Assistant

Fayrooz Jacobs

Fayrooz Jacobs