About the Course

Lesson 1: Identify and procure the required road traffic signs

Road traffic signs are identified in terms of Road Traffic Act and project specification.

Road Traffic signs acquired in terms of organizational requirements

Signs procured and stored as required.

Lesson 2: Identify staff to implement road side safety

Staff identified that are adequately trained

Personal protective equipment identified procured and issued.

Staff reminded on relevant safety aspects.

Lesson 3: Prepare site for traffic control

Equipment required for installing road signs is gathered.

Road traffic signs installed in terms of relevant technical requirements.

Staff and equipment placed in terms of project specification/legislation.

Lesson 4: Control traffic

Traffic is controlled in accordance with Road Traffic Act and project specification.

Trained staff placed in terms of project specification.

Traffic congestion is minimized.

Emergency procedures implemented if required.

Your Instructor

Dawid Lottering

Dawid Lottering