About the Course

Lesson 1: Identify, use and maintain a range of hand and power tools, machines and equipment

Tools, machines and equipment are identified and correctly used in accordance with the requirements of the specific task.

Tools and equipment are maintained and stored to meet the functional requirements of the specific tasks.

Power tool cables are checked for wear and tear (cables and switches) and power tools are used in accordance with safe-handling procedures.

Machines and equipment are appropriately set up to comply with manufacturers specifications.

Lesson 2: Use a range of levelling devices to determine and transfer horizontal and vertical levels

The datum levels are determined utilizing existing benchmarks

Levelling devices are correctly used for the transferring of levels.

Levels are accurately determined and transferred in accordance with construction specification

The levelling instrument is calibrated in accordance with maintenance procedures

Lesson 3: Select materials and use appropriate application methods.

Appropriate materials are selected and applied for the requirements of a specific task.

Material wastage is minimized to reduce cost.

Housekeeping and safety standards are adhered to for the protection of work under construction

The application methods utilized are reviewed to determine the impact on the environment.

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Dawid Lottering

Dawid Lottering