Lesson 1:  Identify and select lifting equipment.

  • Safe working loads and correct slinging methods are determined.

  • Lifting equipment are identified and selected in accordance with load requirements

  • Lifting equipment is inspected and unsafe or defective equipment identified and reported in accordance to worksite procedures

  • Explain the consequences of using damaged or defective equipment


Lesson 2:  Convey loads by means of lifting equipment.

  • Plan the rigging process.

  • Loads are slung in accordance with load requirements and worksite procedures

  • Applicable communication methods are utilized to clear people from the load path and destination

  • Loads are lifted, conveyed and placed / stacked in the pre-determined location in accordance to worksite procedures.


Lesson 3: Care and store of lifting equipment.

  • Explain the consequences of inadequate caring and storage procedures for lifting equipment

  • Equipment is cared for and stored in accordance with manufacturers recommendations and worksite procedures