Lesson 1:  Demonstrate knowledge of the functions of an excavator. 

  • The main functions of an excavator are explained in terms of manufacturer's specifications

  • The operation of all major components is explained in terms of their functions. 

  • The applications of an excavator are described in terms of earthmoving activities.

  • All safety features and warning devices on the excavator are identified, and their purposes explained in accordance with manufacturer's specifications

  • The maximum operating capacities are explained in terms of the designed excavator capabilities. 

  • Warnings from excavator indicators and gauges are explained according to manufacturer’s specifications.

  • Corrective actions are described or demonstrated in terms of neutralising warnings received


Lesson 2:  Plan for work activities and prepare work area

  • Sequence of operations is determined according to site operational requirements.

  • Required equipment to perform the work activity is selected according to site operational requirements.

  • Work area is inspected and prepared according to site operational requirements.

Lesson 3: Start and shut down excavator.

  • Pre-operational checks are carried out according to appropriate checklist

  • Daily and weekly operator maintenance is performed according to the appropriate post-operational checklist

  • Start-up and shutdown procedures are followed according to manufacturer's specifications.

  • Excavator is parked according to manufacturer's and worksite requirements. 

  • Excavator hours are documented in accordance with company requirements

  • Excavator maintenance and faults are reported in accordance with company requirements.


Lesson 4: Operate excavator

  • The purpose of the various controls is explained in accordance with their designed use

  • Functions of the various controls are demonstrated in accordance with the manufacturers specifications. 

  • Temporary safety signs are explained in relation to their use and placement.

  • Excavator performance is monitored and corrective action is taken when necessary, in accordance with manufacturer's specifications

  • Excavator is operated according to safe working procedures, manufacturer's specifications and earthmoving activity. 


Lesson 5: Transport excavator to and from site

  • Methods of loading an excavator for transport are explained according to safety requirements, manufacturer's instructions and transport configuration.

  • Methods of securing an excavator for transport are explained and demonstrated in relation to lashing points and safety requirements