Mareldiah, started off her professional career as Human Resource Practitioner and through her insatiable appetite for learning and personal growth the winds of time navigated her into the Built Environment industry where she plied her tried in numerous Engineering Practices.


Mareldiah’s people skills, leadership talents, work ethic, tenacity and dexterity were quickly acknowledged and recognized at the advent of her tenure at Pinpoint which enabled her rapid career mobility to the Chief Executive Officer of the Pinpoint Group. As the accounting officer, Mareldiah is an avid task master, uncompromising on integrity, quality standards and timeous delivery. She does what she says she’s going to do and ensures that the main thing stays the main thing.


As a systematic, data-orientated strategist, Mareldiah amplifies people first, then process and technology. Apart from being the principal of the management team and accounts, Mareldiah also heads up the Training & Development, owing to her emotional intelligence and passion for capacity people to be provided with tools and skills to unlock their own potential.