Lesson 1:  Identify and procure the required road traffic signs 

  • Road traffic signs are identified in terms of Road Traffic Act and project specification.

  • Road Traffic signs acquired in terms of organizational requirements

  • Signs procured and stored as required.



Lesson 2:  Identify staff to implement road side safety 

  • Staff identified that are adequately trained

  • Personal protective equipment identified procured and issued.

  • Staff reminded on relevant safety aspects.

Lesson 3: Prepare site for traffic control 

  • Equipment required for installing road signs is gathered. 

  • Road traffic signs installed in terms of relevant technical requirements. 

  • Staff and equipment placed in terms of project specification/legislation. 


Lesson 4: Control traffic

  • Traffic is controlled in accordance with Road Traffic Act and project specification. 

  • Trained staff placed in terms of project specification.

  •  Traffic congestion is minimized. 

  • Emergency procedures implemented if required.