Lesson 1:  Describe requirements for workplace safety, health and environment incident investigation

  • The legal and organizational-specific requirements regulating workplace incident reporting and investigation are identified to determine applicable governance procedures. 

  • The legal and organizational-specific requirements for investigating workplace incidents are explained to follow the prescribed requirements. 

  • The procedures to be followed when an incident occurs in the workplace are explained to facilitate effective management of the incident. 

  • The consequences of non-compliance with legal and organizational-specific requirements are explained in terms of the impact on safety, health, and the environment in the workplace. 

Lesson 2:  Gather information for workplace safety, health, and environment incident investigations.

  • The purpose, type, and extent of information required are explained by the prescribed requirements. 

  • Resources required to conduct investigations are identified and selected by prevailing circumstances. 

  • Resources may include but are not limited to documentation, human resources, tools, and materials.

  • Information is gathered by the prescribed procedures. 

  • The need for gathering accurate and relevant information about workplace incidents is explained in terms of the impact on the quality of the investigation.


Lesson 3: Conduct post-investigation activities

  • Reports are completed in the required formats by prescribed requirements

  • Reports are submitted and communicated to relevant designated persons by prescribed requirements.

  • Physical evidence gathered during the investigation is processed according to prescribed requirements. 

  • Resources used during investigations are processed according to specified requirements.