Lesson 1:  Explain the use of time scheduling in the workplace.

  • Workplace work-scheduling rules and procedures are explained in accordance with organisational procedure.

  • Work-schedules are completed according to workplace procedures.



Lesson 2:  Manage time plan in the workplace.

  • Time management problems are identified citing organisational examples.

  • Time required for particular tasks are identified according to workplace operating standards. 

  • Goals are set and action plans are implemented within required workplace time-frames. 

  • Time management plan is monitored and reviewed according to organisational procedures. 


Lesson 3: Describe company-specific procedures that must be followed when grievance process is in progress.

  • Work-scheduling problems are identified citing organisational examples

  • Corrective measures are identified in relation to work-scheduling problems.

  • Apply corrective steps in accordance with organisational procedures.