Conrad is a Professional Construction Health and Safety Agent, with accredited qualification recognition with the Canadian Society Safety Engineers; South Africa Council for Professional Construction Management Professionals and the Institute of Safety Management. In addition hereto Conrad is also an Accredited Training Assessor & Moderator with qualifications recognised by the Construction Education Training Authority.

Conrad’s professional career started by working as Construction Manager with an 8GB principal contractor. He developed his skills at a Built Environment functionary through vocational learning through working full time and obtained his formal qualifications through studying part-time to achieve his professional goals. His entrepreneurial tenacity was borne from financial limitations, which often deters many young people from pursuing their career aspirations. With Conrad, this constraint motivated him even more and made him the resilient and astute
businessman he is today.

It was this, among other interests which catalysed the birth of the Pinpoint Group, with Conrad as founder and owner, into the constantly evolving operation it is today. Conrad is incredibly resourceful, versatile and resilient to the needs and demands of the constantly changing business climate but firm and non-comprising in his values as it relates to providing people with skills and tools to attain their dignity and empower others alike.

Conrad comprehends and inculcates through his outputs, that mere compliance is only a minimum standards exercise; and consistently pursues innovated means to create awareness to Health & Safety practices and inclusivity of all stakeholders.
Conrad is currently busy with his MBA, owing to his nature to constant and continuous personal and professional development which he embeds in his training regime to participants and beneficiaries.

Conrad heads up the Health & Safety Consulting unit and performs an overall advisory function on all the service offerings of the Pinpoint Group. Pinpoint has expanded its operations to Canada, which Conrad has championed and will be heading up the international footprint expansion.