Lesson 1: Types of Fires


  1. Define A fire

  2. Identify the elements of a fire

  3. Understand the different types of fires.

  4. Identify the various causes of a fire.

Lesson 2: Fire Prevention


  1. Demonstrate knowledge of the prevention of a fire.

  2. Demonstrate skills and knowledge to set up a strategy to prevent a fire.

  3. General measures to prevent a fire.

Lesson 3: Housekeeping


  1. The importance of housekeeping

  2. Housekeeping guidelines

  3. Understanding the storage guidelines

Lesson 4: fire fighting equipment


  1. The different types of extinguishers.

  2. The location an operation of a fire hose.

  3. The use of the different types of extinguishers.

  4. Identify the correct class of fire

Lesson 5: Fighting a fire


  1. Process of fighting a fire

  2. Stop a fire by using the correct equipment and procedure.

  3. Apply general precautions when fighting a fire.

  4. Identify and apply the correct procedures after a fire has been put out accordingly to SOP.

Lesson 6: Maintenance

Apply basic maintenance on firefighting equipment